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BICS is a non profit organisation serving Bracknell Forest community particularly the islamic minority for more than 10 years.

Bracknell Forest is one of six  authority areas within Berkshire in southern England. It includes town of  BracknellSandhurst and Crowthorne and  Ascot,

Our aim is to build bridges of peace and unity in our multicultural society:

  • Through educating the Muslim to the common good and promoting understanding among people of different communities.
  • Through diverse activities, BICS aims to introduce Islam in its purest form as a comprehensive system and way of life.

Our Projects
Interactive workshops
Community Centre
Communication campaigns

Vision and Objective

The Society’s objects are:

A. To advance the religion of Islam in accordance with the Qur’an and the Sunnah (traditions) of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in Bracknell , in particular through :

a) the establishment provision and maintenance of a place for congregational worship and to facilitate Islamic rites.
b) the education and teaching for a greater understanding and appreciation of Islam by such means as classes and lectures.
c) the establishment , operation and maintenance of institutions that would enhance the religious and social causes of the Muslim community through such means as a library, cemetery, Islamic centre and so forth
d) to promote dialogue, the dissemination of information and awareness of Islam to both Muslims and non Muslims.
e) to give advice and support to members where appropriate on any aspect of the Islamic religion.

B. To relieve persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress whether caused by famine, war, disease, natural disasters or tragedies or by reason of their social and economic conditions whether in the UK or to any other part of the world by means of financial assistance.