Prayer الصلاة Sat Jan 19th 13:18

  Fajr الفجر Duhr الظهر Asr العصر Magrib المغرب Esha العشاء
JAMAAT 06:45 13:00 14:30   19:00
1440 جمادى الاولى

المصلى The daily congregation venue Call to request access 01344231044 Forest park business units, 22 Horndean Road, Unit 7 RG120XQ (behind Tesco Express)

الجمعة الخطبة 1.10 الاقامة 1.30 Bracknell Leisure Centre
Sports Hall
Bagshot Road
RG12 9SE


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"Didn't you (singular) see how Allah struck an example of a good word compared to a good tree. Its root is firm and its bough is in the sky, it brings its nourishment each time by permission of its Lord. And Allah strickes examples for the people that perhaps they would be reminded. " (a modest translating attempt from Arabic to english of Ayat “verses”24 & 25 of ”chapter” 14 surat Ebrahem) Quran --Disclaimer : translation always slightly alters original sacred text-